Monday, 13 February 2012

Honest to Goodness order now open

Honest to Goodness orders this month.  

Orders Close Thursday 23rd February.
Contact me if you'd like a price list.

Delivery planned for the end of the month

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Eggs Close Thursday 16th February

Hi Everyone!
Eggs close Thursday 16th February.
700g trays supplied by a local family owned farm, supplying fresh barn raised eggs.
The chickens are well treated, you can see them any time when you visit the farm and wander around the barn. On a cold day you'll see them all sitting together under the skylight.  

$2.50 a dozen, $6.25 a tray.  Payable in advance please, if you pay by direct deposit, please do so by Wednesday night and let me know.

Pick up after 6.30pm Friday 17th February or after 9am Saturday 18th.

This will be regular thing every fortnight
Welcome to the Co-op Stop
This is an independent group purchase scheme to allow like minded self sufficient (-ish) to buy high quality dry goods for long term storage.  We also offer health food for immediate use and long term supply.  We have lots more to offer, take a look around.