Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Its egg week again.  This is the last egg run before Christmas
Please be aware that eggs may be in short supply in the shops in the next week so don't miss out.

Please remember prices have gone up $6.75 for a tray of 30 eggs
$2.70 for a dozen.

Also we are going to do an order from our bakery goods supplier in january so let me know if you are after flour, sugar, etc.  This is not an organic supplier but the goods are quality australian bakery supplies.

An organic order will be coming shortly.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

This week is egg week!  Let me know by Thursday if you want any.
$2.50 a dozen, $6.25 a tray.  700g barn raised.
This month we are doing dried Herbs and Spices, Jam, syrups, bbq and tomato sauces (yes gluten free too), soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, large packets of diet sugar replacements.


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3. Be respectful, polite and be ready to assist when necessary.
4. You are required to pick up your goods from the delivery point within 2 days of arrival (or arrange for someone to pick it up for you). If you are unable to pick up your goods within the specified time CONTACT your co-op manager/admin. If no contact has been made and goods are not picked up within one week, the goods with be given away/used with no refund.
5. Managers/admins/other co-op volunteers are not to lift, store or be expected to deliver your items. Please ensure you bring someone to help you with heavy lifting on pick up if necessary.
6. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged goods, nor are we able to reimburse/credit you for this.
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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hi Everyone!

Eggs close Thursday 7th June.  Eggs available Friday 8th after 6pm, or Saturday after 9am.

Last gasp - we've got a late order running for last month's list, that I'll add here for your reference.

Be quick this closes Wednesday 9am.  If you want to order send me an email and I'll send you the deposit details.
Items will be available Thursday late afternoon.

Castor  Sugar

Brown Sugar

Self Raising Flour

Self Raising Flour

Plain Flour white

Plain Wholemeal Flour

Gluten Free Bread Mix



White Chocolate

White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Maize Cornflour (NON GMO and Gluten Free)

Maize Cornflour

Potato Flakes

Uncle Toby's oats

Almond Meal

Almonds whole blanched


Cocoa dark

Golden Syrup

Devondale Mascarpone


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hi Everyone
Closing 27th May is Flour, sugar, cooking chocolates, nuts, gluten free flours and mixes for baking, plus just about anything else you can think of.
Also if we can get $300 we can also get Honest to Goodness.

Just let me know what you're after.  Email and I'll send the price list to you.


Monday, 13 February 2012

Honest to Goodness order now open

Honest to Goodness orders this month.  

Orders Close Thursday 23rd February.
Contact me if you'd like a price list.

Delivery planned for the end of the month